Hydro ban cementitious over kerdi . If foam board versus foam board, in the hands of a competent installer, both will give you excellent results in a residential shower. Only show this user. Red Guard and Ardex 8+9 are other options but I was leaning towards the Hydro Ban Cementitious liquid after researching. Web. Kerdi Drain. . best place for bg3 mods 010 Solid Surface 3-Pieces Shower Trim Kit, 10-in L X 38-in H X 36-in H, White. Re: kerdi vs hydroban Yes liquid works as well if installed properly. HYDRO BAN bonds directly to a wide variety of substrates. . 235 Toll Free: 1. Hydro Ban does not require the use of fabric in the field, coves or corners and bonds directly to metal and plastic plumbing fixtures. . ricky larkin Flash membrane up over pre-treated coves and corners, so such areas have two layers of HYDRO BAN Quick Cure liquid. 83/Sq Ft) Total price: $315. Kerdi can be either Kerdi membrane over cement board, or Kerdi Board, another foam board. This is a similarity it shares with Hydro Ban. Wedi plays up the waterproof core big-time. The first coat must be completely dry to the touch before a second coat can be applied. . traffic global xp11 cracked free iosApplied two liberal coats of hydroban on walls, 3 coats on floor.